Shop – T-Shirts & Hoodies

We have some fabulous ‘Wild and Dangerous’  t-shirts £10 and hoodies £20 for sale in children’s sizes.  Perfect for hiding in camouflage games and getting mucky in the woods.


Shop – T-Shirts & Hoodies

 Shop – T-Shirts & Hoodies


  • 3-4  104cm
  • 5-6   116cm
  • 7-8   128cm
  • 9-11  140cm
  • 12-13  152cm
  • 14-15  164cm

How to buy

To purchase a wild and dangerous hoodie or t-shirt please email stating size required and your address. Postage (if required) is £3.50 per item.

Payment is by cheque to Outdoor Woodland Learning School or make a payment over the internet to Outdoor Woodland Learning School, 08 92 50, 68633354.


How to Book

To confirm date availability just

click on the Book Now link.

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