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Educational Consultancy and Support Services



Outdoor Woodland Learning School provides a selection of professional support services for educators and social services in North East Scotland. We have extensive experience of successfully supporting children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum, those with ADHD, attachment disorder and anxiety together with other additional support needs both in the classroom and in outdoor settings at primary or academy level.

We are skilled in providing outdoor learning opportunities for school classes, groups or individuals, tailored to the Curriculum for Excellence.

We offer educational workshops and consultancy services for teachers and education practitioners, in addition to bespoke support services for children with Additional Support Needs (ASN).

resilience, relaxation and life long learning

Child Voice

“I like the hammock. it is so relaxing.”

Intensive Support P6 pupil.


“OWLS gives me the chance to not think about all the other stuff at school. It gives me a break from everything else. Being outside helps me to feel calm.”

Intensive Support S3 pupil.


“Being at OWLS makes the rest of school much easier to handle. I always feel less anxious after OWLS.”

Intensive Support S4 pupil.


“I need it, it helps me to not feel so wobbly.”

Intensive Support P4 pupil on iRest yoga.


“I love the freedom of OWLS and how we can explore and be curious.”

An 11 year old who is a big fan of OWLS! (Her own words)


“I love it! I love climbing trees.”

10 year old participant.

Parent Voice

“He really does love OWLS! Last week was the first week  the school haven’t called me about his behaviour in months. Thank you so much! I didn’t realise how much this would help him.”

Parent of Intensive Support P2 pupil.


“OWLS has made a massive difference to my son’s life. It helped greatly with his transition back in to education through building up his confidence and resilience in outdoor sessions. The weekly sessions have allowed him to gain new skills, help form relationships and be all round happier in life. I don’t know where we would be without them!”

Parent of Intensive Support P5 pupil.


“A day at OWLS is a day that I don’t need to watch the phone as I know you understand him and what he needs and that I won’t be phoned to come and collect him.”

Parent of Intensive Support P1 pupil.


“OWLS has really changed our lives.”

Parent of Intensive Support P5 pupil.


Teacher Voice

“He had problems with being part of a class, he had moved from the enhanced provision into class just a few weeks prior to his OWLS sessions. The transformation that I saw in that young man was amazing he went from lashing out at the slightest thing to being a responsible member of the class. During his time with OWLS he learnt how to overcome problems, deal with negatives in a positive way, work with others, talk about his feelings and emotions as well as learning new skills. After he finished his time with OWLS he became a more confident individual who spoke to the whole class about what he had learnt and even had enough confidence to take other pupils not only from his own class but from other classes and replicate what he had learnt on a one to one and lead in a group to show them. To this day talks very fondly of his time with OWLS and it has ignited a passion for the outdoors in him.”

ASL Teacher, Enhanced Provision, Aberdeenshire.


Outcomes of OWLS CIC

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